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how to smoke turkey legs

Smoke foods are always delicous, may it be meat, fish or veggies. There are some easy and difficult ways to smoke foods.

I now uses an upright smoker (Webber). Before getting the smoker, I would have to dig a 9-12 inch deep pit. This pit was about 3 feet by 3 feet. And this is where I would create my smoke, fence it and hang my meat or rest it on a wire mesh. This is a longer process but I think more fun.

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How to smoke breast

Most people find the breast of a bird very dry, espically turkey. But there is a way to make it tender, juicy and superb.

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how to bbq curry chicken breast

Breast is usually considered dry but a different preparation technique will make it very succulent and soft.

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how to smoke a meat loaf

  • Meat loaf done on the smoker or charcoal grill is very wonderful.The taste is very unique, and you will want to do forever
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how to grilled chicken breast

  • Chicken breast is considered dry but with this preparation it will be soft and very succlent
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how to bbq beef ribs

  • This is a non tradition bbq as it is done in an oven .It can be don as well on a charcoal grill or electric only there will be a difference in the end preparation. ITis a favorate of my sister and it is really great.
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thanksgiving and christmas turkey

Whole turkey can be cooked in 4 different ways,1---charcoal rotesserie  2---electric rotesserie  3---- deep frying  and conventional oven. The choice is all yours, i will start with the conventional way because most people still use this method.


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