how to make pepperpot

Pepperpot was originally a Native American (Amerindian) meal. It's mostly popular in Guyana and often eaten on Christmas.

Pepperpot is a dark spicy meal. It is wonderful with Cookup Rice, Bread or Fufu.

Not any meat should be used. Avoid Bird meat and Fish.

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how to make fufu

Fufu is a delicious African meal. We will not make it the old fashioned way, rather we will use new and advance kitchen utensils so it can be done more efficiently.

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how to fry fish

Fry fish is one of the most tastest meat preparation .It is so good that you will never want to stop eating.Fry fish if cut into small pieces before frying is a powerful finger food espically with my hot sauce(recipe coming soon).Fish can also fry by just adding salt to taste and black pepper and dusting in flour.Ihave found that over coating the fish remove a lot of its flavors.

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How to stew fish

Fish can be stewed in 2 ways; As fresh fish or as fried fish. Both are really excellent.

But I prefer fresh fish because I'll probabily eat out the fried fish before it can be stewed. And also the batter on the fry fish when soaked in the sauce, swells up like an extra skin.

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how to stew beef

Stew beef is probably the most verstile of all part meal preparation in that it can be  eaten with anything  rice , bread,roti and you name it.

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how to stew chicken

This is another meat stew done differently than beef, but with the same flavors and taste

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how to make shrimp and spinach

This is a kind of a stew with tomatoes paste or paprika, you can use a few fresh tomatoes but no paprika.You need to eat this to get it taste. The first time i prepare this in a restaurant the owners daughter eat it all . Try it with Roti or rice it is just great

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5 spice chicken recipe

This chicken recipe was made by me and a chinese friend many years ago .It has become a favorite of mine , its superb on noodles  and rice.Ihave made some alterations to suit my own taste and i think that it is better than before.Although i used a whole chicken , leg quarters can also be used .

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how to stew saltfish

Stew saltfish has a unique taste and flavor its excellent with dumplings(duff) and fry bakes  it can also be eaten with bread , plantin and/or cassava.

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How to make Dumplings (Duff)

The word Dumpling is popular but Duff is not. What I'm about to make is called Dumplings by some but it's really Duff.

Dumplings normally go into soup but duff does not. Duff is more melow and fluffy like a bread.

When fried or boiled in coconut milk, it can be eaten alone.

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