How to prepare Cumin/Coriander for Cooking

Roasted cumin/coriander seed grounded

1/2 lb cumin or 1/2 coriander seed

cumin will appear in most of the recipes

  • Wash cumin/ coriander seed and drain using a strainer
  • place pan on fire add cumin/ coriander
  • stir  using a pot spoon (not a plastic or rubber spoon) for 3 minutes
  • reduce fire to medium continue stirring
  • when no cumin/ coriander seed sticks on the spoon remove from fire
  • continue stirring to avoid the cumin/ coriander  from burning ,stir for 4-5 minutes until cumin/ coriander  is warm set aside to cool to room temperature
  • Ground using a coffee grinder , store in a sealed bottle
  • Cumin is great , not only in curry but a varity of other foods
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How to prepare Cumin/Coriander for Cooking

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