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Our curry recipes were handed down through the generations. Over the years modifications have been made to simplify the preparation, without compromising the taste, flavors and fragrance.

You can curry anything

CurryAnything covers anything that can be consumed as food. Because of restrictions and laws, certain meats will be excluded from this website’s collection. But any type of meat can be prepared by following the general meat recipes provided here. Just add, subtract, increase, or decrease the ingredients for your desired taste.

Only the best curry

The ingredients used can be found almost anywhere. The curry powder is usually from India. Lalahs or Chette Curry Powder to be specific. But other brands will work, only the taste will vary.

Not just curry recipes

Although the name is CurryAnything, there are several other recipes that do not require curry on this site. Those recipes are also from past generations.

These recipes are original and were created by K. A. Baksh.



We are currently developing our own line of Curry Power and other related products. Please visit us again for updates.

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