How to make Beef Soup with Peas

Beef soup and beef soup with peas/barley are two of the most tasty soups you will ever have. It can be had as a meal or an appitizer.

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how to make curry soup

Curry Soup is unlike most soups. It is very spicy and that's what makes it wonderful. It can be made with most types of meat and even without meat.

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how to make fish soup

Fish soup should be unique in taste, in that a combination of sour,hot pepper, salt and fish all taste at the same time, wonderful any time but excellent WHEN THER IS A HANGOVER

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how to make crab soup

Crab ,has a wonderful taste, it does not too much other spices to make the dish very tasty, crab soup is really delicious and is a superb first course in any 3/4 course meal or as a light soup

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Mulligatawny soup recipe

Mulligatawny (Mulagatani) soup is not for the faint of heart, it's very tasty and spicy. It's super excellent for a hangover. It can be made with almost any meat but is particularly good with the boney parts of the meat.

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