How to bunjal chicken

Bunjal (Bungal, Bunjhal) is similar to curry but not identical. Bunjal uses a little more of everything and a little less salt. It is more like a stir fry curry (not a curry that loses it's water content).

It is a very thick sauce that clings to the meat. Bunjal is more healthy, because more of the meat fat melts into oil. So there is more oil to discard.

Curry cooks the meat by boiling the ingredients into the meat, bunjal fries the ingredients into the meat, without absorbing any oil.

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how to bunjal duck

Bunjal duck/drake is an exotic and rare meal. You have to taste it to be able to discribe the flavor.

Drake is the male and the meat is better because of less fat. This meal can also be prepared on a charcoal grill with wet wood for smoke.

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how to bunjal goat

Bunjal Goat should be prepare on a charcoal grill with wet wood to produce smoke.

The blend of the ingredients with the meat and smoke makes this meal different, and very tasty.

It can be prepared in the kitchen, but the smokey blend will be absent. Nevertheless, the meal will still stand above most.

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how to bunjal prawns

Prawns is the largest of the shrimp family. Although it can be curried like shrimp, the Bunjal is by far the better in every respect with regard to consumption.

This is really a great recipe with exceptional flavors and taste .

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